Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Livingart Ltd. & Co.KG for the Internet platform www.firstclass.home.com

1st Contract

The livingart Ltd. & Co. KG operates at the Internet address www.firstclass-home.com a platform around the property on which commercial providers (brokers, developers, etc.) as well as its private owner can present real estate deals. Real estate deals in this sense are properties that are either real or exist in connection with a specific plot or a building permission by the competent authority. That is the following:

a) set of properties

The customer may be a certain number of real estate offerings in first class-home.com its own online access cover and adjust (online coverage). The customer selected real estate deals are on general search of first class-home.com alongside all the other real estate listings available.

b) banner advertising / sponsorship

The livingart Ltd. & Co. KG and switches placed billboards (the so-called banner) to the agreed points on first class-home.com. As a treaty obligation to take the livingart Ltd. & Co. KG, insofar as the professional integration of the banner after the state of the art at the conclusion of the contract.

2nd Execution time

The assumed benefits, the livingart Ltd. & Co. KG within a maximum of 4 weeks from date of order confirmation and presence of all required data from customers.

3rd Liability

a) For any damage to livingart Ltd & Co.KG for themselves and their agents - on whatever legal grounds, including tort - only if the livingart Ltd & Co.KG or their agents a contract obligation (cardinal obligation) in a culpably the Contract purpose manner endangering injury or damage to the gross negligence or intent of livingart Ltd & Co.KG or its agents is due. If the culpable violation of a contractual obligation (cardinal duty) is not intentional or grossly negligent manner, the liability through the livingart Ltd & Co.KG on such typical limit damage to the livingart Ltd & Co.KG at the conclusion of the contract reasonably foreseeable were. This limit also applies to the extent of damage. In the above cases, the liability for a pecuniary limited to EUR 2,500.00. The foregoing limitations of liability do not apply in the absence of assured properties and a liability of livingart Ltd & Co.KG under the Product Liability Act.

b) For the content with the help of the livingart Ltd & Co.KG links the customer is solely responsible. Where the livingart Ltd & Co.KG a liability against a third party because of the link to a form in any illegal content, should be responsible for the customer commits to livingart Ltd & Co.KG from all damages resulting lawsuits.

4th Billing / Price

a) The remuneration of the performance of the livingart Ltd & Co.KG is billing for the contract or extension of the respective period in advance for payment.

b) It shall be subject to the respective list prices of livingart Ltd & Co.KG, which is entitled to price at the beginning of the next term period provided.

5th Late payment / lock / delete content

a) In case of payment with a not inconsiderable part of the invoice amount or the threat of payment of the claim livingart Ltd & Co.KG due to a significant deterioration of assets of the customer within the meaning of § 321 BGB is the livingart Ltd & Co.KG entitled to contractual services, pending the customer's outstanding debt has been paid. Entitled to the return loses the livingart Ltd & Co.KG is not.

b) The livingart Ltd & Co.KG is authorized by the customer introduced content that no tenders for the purposes of this clause works, which do not or no more than offer real estate for sale or rent are available or violate any law or morality , Wholly or partially on the platform of first-class home to remove.

6th Multiple placement

The livingart Ltd is entitled but not obliged, the customer set property also offers on other sites as immowelt.de accessible to the print media and on the amendment under formal presentation to publish.

7th Other provisions

a) Amendments and additions to the contract in writing. This also applies for a waiver of this writing requirement.

b) Jurisdiction is Landshut, where the customer is a businessman within the meaning of § 38 is LEC.

c) for remaining parts the legal regulation is valid.

Status: 1st October 2008